Occupational and Environmental Health

Students in this combined, graduate-to-graduate program pursue an M.S. degree within the College of Public Health, with an emphasis on occupational and environmental health.


Graduates typically find employment with state health and human services departments or in health or environmental planning.


Students will be expected to meet the admission requirements of the respective programs, take the requisite admission exams and provide appropriate admission materials. The two programs will make admission decisions independently. Students may begin each program in advance of the other or begin the two programs concurrently. All requirements for each degree must be satisfied separately, which includes passing the final examination for each program.


An M.S. in Occupational and Environmental Health requires 38 semester hours. The graduate-to-graduate degree in Planning and Occupational and Environmental Health requires 71 semester hours, which includes 38 hours of Planning courses and 33 hours of Environmental Health. The program can be completed in 5 semesters. Students will need to pursue which courses would be appropriate with their advisors in both departments.