Required Courses

The required curriculum includes core and capstone courses. The core curriculum assists students in understanding the institutions and systems—social, economic, environmental, political, administrative, and legal systems—as context for planning and policy analysis and making public choices. Students develop the ability to identify social goals and normative criteria for evaluating public policies. Both quantitative (statistics, forecasting, surveys, regional analysis) and non-quantitative skills are required to perform evaluations and produce plans. The capstone courses enable students to apply core class principles to actual planning problems.

First-semester courses draw from traditional disciplines, particularly economics and statistics, and are combined with introductions to law, land use and the theories and practice of planning. As students proceed, increasing emphasis is placed on the development of critical judgment and insight through the application of theories to realistic planning problems and case studies.

Core and capstone curriculum courses are noted in the typical class schedule that follows. Students with sufficient previous coursework may request a waiver of a core course.

First Semester      
URP:6200 Analytic Methods I core 3 s.h.
URP:6202 Land Use Planning: Law and Practice core 4 s.h.
URP:6203 History and Theories of Planning core 3 s.h.
URP:6205 Economics for Policy Analysis core 3 s.h.
URP:6208 Program Seminar in Planning Practice core 1 s.h.
Second Semester      
URP:6201 Analytic Methods II core 3 s.h.
  Electives and area of concentration courses elective 9 s.h.
Third Semester      
URP:6209 Field Problems in Planning I capstone 3 s.h.
URP:6258 Modeling Dynamic Systems core 3 s.h.
  Electives and area of concentration courses elective 6 s.h.
URP:6335 Internship elective 2 s.h.
Fourth Semester      
URP:6210 Field Problems in Planning II capstone 3 s.h.
  Electives and area of concentration courses elective 9 s.h.
In addition to the courses listed above, students are required to take at least one of the advanced economic methods courses listed below, generally during the student's first three semesters.
Other Required Courses      
URP:6233 Public Finance and Budgeting core 3 s.h.
URP:6290 Economic Impact Assessment core 3 s.h.