2018-2019 Projects

In 2018-2019, two of our projects were completed in Webster City, Iowa. Webster City is a town of about 8,000 population that has experienced economic challenges created by the loss of the town's major manufacturer, whose plant occupied substantial acreage just north of downtown. One of our students' projects focused on recommending a variety of alternatives for revitalizing the community's historic downtown, whose retail fortunes had been affected by the loss of the nearby plant. A second student project concentrated on building on Webster City's rich network of city parks and the Boone River to improve park usage and generally make the city a more attractive place for recreation.

A third Field Problems project looked at the potential feasibility and compatibility of wind farms in Linn County, home of the state's second largest city, Cedar Rapids. This project also examined public attitudes towards wind turbines in the county's rural areas.

The fourth project looked at the future impacts of automated vehicles in Iowa City, focusing on their implications for land use and for equitable access to transportation. As with the other projects, this one also looked at public interest in automated vehicles and their possible impacts on daily living in Iowa City.