Thursday, July 24, 2008

Last winter's snow and ice were mighty tough going for those of us who work at the University of Iowa. But this month's flooding threatens to have far more lasting effects, almost all of them bad. As the flood update on the University's web site indicates (see:, many low-lying buildings (e.g., the English-Philosophy and Art Buildings East and West) have been temporarily evacuated. Several of them are likely to experience considerable water damage in basements and first floors.

One very positive effect of the flood is the enormous amount of energy and community spirit that students, faculty, staff, and residents of Iowa City are contributing to the effort. The photo at right shows a long line of volunteers working on the sandbagging effort next to the Iowa River, already far beyond its banks.

We are also very conscious that Cedar Rapids and other parts of the Cedar and Iowa River watersheds are experiencing even worse effects. Much recovery work will need to be done.