Friday, November 21, 2008

On November 16-18, Jim Throgmorton participated in The Virginia Tech Symposium on Enhancing Resilience to Catastrophic Events through Communicative Planning. Brilliantly organized by Bruce Goldstein, this event drew over 20 scholars from urban planning and the environmental sciences.

Urban planning scholars included Rolf Pendall, Judith Innes, Sanda Kaufman, Connie Ozawa, John Randolph, and Jim Throgmorton. Throgmorton presented "The Bridge to Gretna: Interpretation, Storytelling, and Resilience," a revised version of a paper originally published in Planning Theory & Practice earlier this year.

"It was a great symposium," Throgmorton said upon returning. "Bruce worked us very hard, but the intellectual and personal rewards were well worth the effort."

Persons interested in obtaining a copy of the paper should contact Jim Throgmorton at: