Friday, April 1, 2011

Urban and Regional Planning will be well represented on the University of Iowa Charter Committees. Seven students have been selected to serve as student representatives next year, possibly making us the most represented academic unit on campus. The students applied, interviewed, and have been chosen to serve for one year positions. These committees are charged with advising the university president on issues set before their groups.  It's great to know our students are interested in serving the campus community and will be involved in planning decisions.

Please offer congratulations to:  Corey Fisher, Stephanie Meder, and James Bechtel who will be serving on the Parking and Transportation Committee; Andy Berg and Becky Soglin for their upcoming work on the Campus Planning Committee;  Scott Annis, who will be giving his input on the Financial Aid Advisory Committee; and Robyn Fennig who'll be contributing to the Recreational Services Committee.