Submitting Writing Samples

When applying for a position, you may be asked to submit a writing sample.

  • The potential employer may only read 1-2 pages but it's fine to include something longer
  • Sending a writing sample that includes graphics you created can be an excellent way of showing your ability to explain information in a quick, easy to read way.

Any of these documents would be appropriate:

  • An assignment completed while a graduate student
    • Incorporate changes to perfect it before sending
  • Technical memo or a policy memo for public affairs students
  • Professional letter, especially if it conveys something that was difficult to say to the recipient
  • City plan or part of a plan
  • Field Problems or capstone report
    • If sending the entire report, point out the part you contributed and the page numbers
    • Could send an executive summary as the sample but include entire report for reference
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