Monday, March 29, 2021

A new option is now available for graduate students interested in pursuing a master’s degree in Public Affairs and a J.D. (Law) degree at the same time, completing them both in four years. This combined, graduate-to-graduate degree will save students one additional year of schooling as well as a year of tuition.

Those completing the combined Law-Public Affairs degree typically obtain employment in the public or nonprofit sectors as attorneys with strong public policy or management skills. Employment opportunities exist in government and in nongovernmental policy think tanks focusing on a wide variety of issues.

The UI degree in public affairs has an interdisciplinary infrastructure—representing colleges, departments, and centers across campus. It encompasses students’ interests in policy areas such as nonprofit management, public management, criminal justice, economic development policy, educational policy, environmental policy, health policy, housing and community development policy, politics of public policy making, sustainable development and transportation policy.

Details of the graduate-to-graduate Law-Public Affairs degree are available on the School of Planning and Public Affairs’ website.

Photo by Tim Schoon ©2019 The University of Iowa