The MPA degree provides individuals with an opportunity to build upon their undergraduate education with an applied degree that leads to professional and/or managerial service in the public and nonprofit sectors.

The degree builds knowledge and skills in a mix of topics that includes policy, economics, statistics, research, and management. These knowledge and skills areas prepare students for professions that influence public policy through analysis, application, or management. 

People with this interdisciplinary degree have many career choices available, including executive positions at federal, state and local governments, or nonprofit agencies, in areas such as environment, housing, transportation, health, education, etc.. Examples of positions in the local, state, federal, nonprofit and even the private sectors include:

  • Local: program coordinator, community health director, public housing director, community relations specialist, neighborhood improvement coordinator, elected official, city manager.
  • State: legislative services analyst, program manager for environmental policy, policy analyst/program manager for a variety of state agencies, budget analyst, regulatory inspector, program evaluator.
  • Federal: Presidential Management Fellow, policy analyst for a federal department (starting as a GS-9), congressional committee staffer, speechwriter.
  • Nonprofit: education and outreach director, research and development coordinator, grant writer, fundraiser, foundation grant officer, community organizer, and program administration as a program specialist, manager, or director.
  • Other non-governmental organizations: think tank analyst, data analyst, public and government relations director, lobbyist, consultant, director of an advocacy group.

The school is committed to providing outstanding career assistance efforts for both internship and post-graduation job and fellowship seekers. The school offers job information access and one-on-one advising support, by our career services coordinator.