Monday, December 12, 2016

Students in the School of Urban and Regional Planning work on their capstone project throughout their second year of the master's program, working with communities in Iowa to solve planning issues. This allows them to put their classroom learning to work and gain experience by applying it to a real-world situation. The Field Problems projects are coordinated through the Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities (IISC) at the University of Iowa.

IISC staff recently sat down with two of the current second year international students to learn of their experience using planning practices in the United States, compared to the practices in their home countries. The interview was with Priyanka Rayamajhi of Kathmandu, Nepal and Akanksha Tiwari who grew up in Dehradun, India. See the IISC website to read the full interview.

Pictured are three students in the Mason City Comprehensive Plan project group (left to right): Priyanka Rayamajhi, Akanksha Tiwari and Rachel Serslev. Not pictured is the fourth group member, Jordan Brown.