Monday, June 4, 2018

Associate Professor Jerry Anthony recently spoke in Muscatine, Iowa, to address the city’s housing concerns. His morning presentation drew about 60 people, including state senators and representatives, company owners, bank presidents, etc. and about 100 interested people attended the second presentation that afternoon. Anthony addressed Muscatine’s housing supply and costs, as well as the effects those have on economic development and education.

Anthony’s presentation explained the cost burden of those spending more than 30% of their income on housing. Muscatine residents are facing this problem as the city lacks a diversity of housing and affordable housing for all income sectors. Meeting this need would produce more income for the city by drawing in those who current occupy affordable housing outside of the city.

Anthony also described the effect a shortage of affordable housing has on children’s education. Families who are renters often have children and they tend to move more frequently in search of housing with lower costs, compared to homeowners. Each move, even if in the same school district, can impact the child’s educational attainment.

The Muscatine Journal ran a story about this presentation that can be viewed here.

Photo from Muscatine Journal.