Wednesday, April 24, 2019

One of our graduate students, Ayman Sharif, has quite a story to tell. It includes coming to the U.S. from Sudan, being an undergrad-to-graduate student pursuing a B.S. in Environmental Policy and Planning, and at the same time an M.S. in Urban and Regional Planning, as well as starting a local non-profit organization, the Global Food Project, and being a father to his three children.

Read more about his story in a recent feature article from the Daily Iowan titled, “UI student works to connect immigrant population in IC.”

In addition to the information in the article, Ayman has learned he is the recipient of the University of Iowa’s Center for Diversity & Enrichment’s Student Leadership Award. Recently he also received news that, after a long process, he will receive his U.S. citizenship in mid-May.

Photo by Tate Hildyard.