Monday, December 13, 2021
Headshot of Samantha Zuhlke

Assistant Professor Sam Zuhlke’s research article, “Acres for the Affluent: An Interactive Model of Nonprofit Resources and Demand Heterogeneity” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory. The article evaluates the theory of nonprofit development as a result of government’s failure to meet the public’s heterogeneous demands and suggests a new theory. Zuhlke hypothesizes that nonprofit formation is due not only to government’s lack of ability to meet varying demands but additionally occurs when those affected also have access to resources. She applies this premise to nonprofit land conservation.

Zuhlke is one of the School of Planning and Public Affairs’ newest faculty, having started her position this fall. Prior to joining the University of Iowa, Zuhlke completed her Ph.D. in August at Texas A&M and previous to that, worked at the National Geographic Society producing K-12 classroom materials for geography. Zuhlke’s work focuses on how political forces shape the nonprofit sector, and the intersection of political science and environmental issues, such as environmental justice.