Thursday, September 21, 2023

Group shot of students, faculty and others involved in the IISC Dubuque community engagement projects in the 2023-2024 academic year.

Dubuque is one of two project partners for Iowa’s Initiative for Sustainable Communities (IISC) 2023-24 academic year projects. During their recent kick off event, students met with the mayor, the city's housing director, toured the city and public library, as well as enjoyed lunch at a unique nonprofit restaurant. Master's students in the School of Planning and Public Affairs will assist in meeting the city's goals through four, nine month projects. Urban planning master's students will work on two projects, one focusing on alternative transportation action plan and the other on affordable housing. Graduate students in the public affairs program will study and form recommendations related to addressing the public library's policies for at-risk individuals and the second group will conduct policy analysis of green alleyways. More details and the complete article can be found on the IISC website.

IISC is the University of Iowa's foremost engagement program connecting Iowa communities with faculty and students to advance shared goals. The City of Dubuque was IISC's first community partner in 2011. Since IISC's beginning, 370 community engagement projects have been completed for cities and towns across the state.