Sunday, December 12, 2021

Name: Lily Sronkoski

Originally from: Carbondale, IL

Degree: Public Affairs, MPA, with a concentration in Public Policy

Graduating Class: 2022

Lily Sronkoski holding her dog with a forest and stream in the background

Lily Sronkoski completed her bachelor's degree at Knox College in Galesburg, IL, with majors in Political Science and Environmental Studies.

  • She really enjoyed the group stats project in Analytical Methods I during her first semester in Public Affairs. Lily said, "It was really cool to put together a survey of a form-based city code, and then test the success of the plan using statistics. I learned a ton about Excel!"
  • She interned with the City of Coralville in the Department of Engineering and Community Development, working on a project to convert the city's cemetery map and paper ledger into an online GIS map that would show vacancies and burials.
  • When asked about her favorite parts of the program, Lily said, "I loved all the application we got to do. All of my classes had some sort of real-world practical element to them! I also really liked the idea of producing city planners and administrators that know what each other do. I think it’ll be really beneficial to me as a practitioner."
  • While living in Iowa City, she loved going to the Thornberry Dog Park with her puppy, Sprout, and visiting local spots for great food and drinks.