The Master of Public Affairs degree program prepares/trains the next generation of public managers, administrators, policy makers and analysts who:
•    stem from a wide range of socio-demographic backgrounds and interests
•    embrace the public services values of public affairs, policy, and administration
•    can analyze, develop and implement programs and policies that serve the public interest
•    have the knowledge and skills to effectively and fairly manage and lead government, non-profit and private agencies and their staff
•    serve their employers, profession and communities by promoting good governance, sound investments, sustainability, resilience, equity and justice
•    have successful careers in public service, public administration, as well as non-profit and private sector management in Iowa and beyond

The program’s mission is also to serve public and nonprofit sector agencies in the State of Iowa and beyond:
•    through student and faculty engagement with communities (IISC and other applied projects)
•    through faculty research that advances public affairs, administration, and policy knowledge and practice