Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Living With Floods: From Science to Policy" is the next symposium to be offered in the Forkenbrock Series on Public Policy. Urban and Regional Planning is a sponsor of the three-day symposium which will be held March 10-12, 2009 on the University of Iowa campus.

In response to the June 2008 Midwest floods, the symposium will bring together top flood and natural disaster experts from major universities across the U.S. and from state and federal agencies to discuss flood prediction, impacts, mitigation, management and community planning.

A free public lecture will be offered at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 10th featuring flood management expert Gerry Galloway as the keynote speaker. For more information about the symposium, and to see the full schedule of sessions, please go to the Public Policy Center website.

The Forkenbrock Series was established to provide a forum for dialogue about policy areas from an applied, academic, and interdisciplinary perspective. The series was established in honor of David Forkenbrock, a nationally recognized transportation researcher and faculty member in Urban and Regional Planning. His work, while adhering to rigorous academic standards, also served to guide those working as policymakers and planners in transportation economics, finance, and infrastructure.