Thursday, April 9, 2009

Four Urban and Regional Planning students received attention for their field problems project from the University of Iowa’s The Daily Iowan newspaper. Nate Kabat, Doug Ongie, T.J. Patton, and Milton Thurmond will have spent the full academic year creating a 5-year neighborhood action plan for the Miller-Orchard neighborhood in Iowa City. Their plan includes addressing the recent concerns regarding the proposed closure of Roosevelt Elementary school, as well as other issues such as neighborhood beautification, promoting home ownership, housing rehabilitation, resident and pedestrian safety, and promoting investment for the commercial area along the neighborhood's southern boundary. The Miller-Orchard neighborhood is roughly bound by the Iowa River on the east, the Iowa Interstate Railroad on the north, Greenwood Drive on the west, and the commercial area along Highway 1 on the south.

See the The Daily Iowan article for more information about the project.