Monday, May 9, 2011

Five students have been working on evaluating Oskaloosa's solid waste management over a two semester period. Last week the Oskaloosa Herald newspaper featured an article on their work and recommendations. Our students recently presented their findings to the Oskaloosa city council and suggested that all residents be required to have curbside garbage pick up and that they be required to use garbage containers. There's been a debate in the city about whether to change to a single hauler system, which may be recommended in the future. The students researched the economic and environmental costs and benefits of moving to a single hauler system. As part of the project, two of the graduate students on the team also met with elementary school students to explain the importance of recycling electronics and other ways to reduce litter. Those working on the project include the following master's students: James Bechtel, Mike Burke, Urvashi Chakraborty, Andrew Collings and Will Soper. Their full 68-page report is available on our website.