Friday, November 12, 2021
Woman sitting for photo with white background

Liz Heron is a recent urban planning graduate with a concentration in housing and community development. She is originally from Ames, IA, and studied community and regional planning as an undergrad. After graduation, Liz utilized her master's degree to become a community development specialist for a state department of commerce.

  • While a graduate student, her favorite class at UI was Law and Practice of Land Use Planning with Professor Anthony. Liz said, "It gave me a framework and pushed my understanding (and excitement) of planning."
  • Liz had planning internships at Confluence in Des Moines, working on local plans in Iowa, and at the City of Iowa City, creating a toolkit to ensure equitable implementation of the city's climate action plan.
  • Her favorite thing to do in Iowa City was explore the local restaurants, festivals, and parks with family and friends!
  • Her favorite part of the program was the people. She said, "The students, staff, and faculty are engaging and inspiring!"